Monday, July 4, 2011

ALL HAIL 2009 AMERICAN IDOL KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Look at that sweet smile he's got on his face? So cute right. So hot. So sexy. So perfect! Makes me melt alllllllllllllllll the time! And the way he sings, the fourth performance was his best by far. Even though he did quite well in the first round of the finals I still think he should have put a little more oomph into his pitching on the twelveth performance -----------

Okay fine. I'm done pretending like I'm a hardcore American Idol fan who watches every single episode without fail . Because the truth is, I am not a very American Idol-ish person heck I am NOT an American Idol person AT ALL and I always fail to watch the episodes because I don't plan to watch them even in the first place! :D

Haha okay, so to be fair, I do watch AI sometimes - through very frequent channel surfing routines where I'd landed quite a few times in Star World during which AI was taking place HAHAHAHAHAHA and so I often made the mental note to at least stay there for half a minute to see what the whole Adam Lambert (yes, Adam being a very popular contestant in AI but too bad he didn't win) fuss was all about. Because before this, many I heard saw him as the winner even from the start and besides the fact that he has gay rumours surrounding him (which always gets me perked up - yes I am a pervert thank you very much) I'd heard Ashley yap about him a gazillion times before so I thought I'd check the guy out. And some said he looks a little like Brandon Routh which gave me all the more reason to find out more about Mr. Adam Lambert. (:


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