Thursday, August 4, 2011

AF4: Jack and the power puff

Academy Fantasia contestant Jack, who admits using blotting paper to keep himself looking beautiful, but denies he is gay.

Fellow contestant Pui Fai says that when the contestants were travelling to meet the media one day, she noticed Jack pull out a packet of blotting paper, to wipe the oil off his face. She asked him if she could borrow the pack.

Jack teased her, asking why she was not able to look after herself. 'Here you are, asking a man if you can borrow his gear to make yourself look pretty,' he said.

The 20 finalists were reunited on a variety TV show the other day, where Pui Fai took her revenge. 'Sometimes he even uses a power puff,' she teased.

The host asked Jack why he had to look after his appearance to that extent. 'I am not handsome, so I have to take care of myself,' he replied.

More than 100 readers at the Pantip webboard have left comments about the exchange, after a fan asked if it was normal these days for young men to carry around blotting paper and a powder puff.

'If I walk into public toilets and see a man in there using a powder puff, I will know things have changed,' he said.

Most readers disagreed, saying it was normal these days for young men to want to look after themselves. One girl said that after a shower, she sits in front of a television applying cream to her body. In all, she spends 15 minutes dressing and making herself look beautiful. Her older brother, on the other hand, takes 30 minutes to fuss over himself.

Another said young men out on the town can be spotted wearing foundation, or carrying a powder puff and face blotters.


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